Data Dashboards

Crystal Dashboard Design, Xcelsius 2008:

Whatis a dashboard?

Why a dashboard?

What is measured?  Need to be measurable (BOE goals---need to be manageable)


Note, have had these goals for several years but haven't actually measured them.  Now w/a dashboard, they have the metrics to measure.


What is the dashboard?


Not live data. Can't connect to SIS.  Not really a teacher tool (yet), primarily admins and teacher leaders.


What data?  Started w/making the data really graphical.


Next Steps: Considered: Where the data is coming from?  (they use Schooltool).  How easy to use?  Cost? How could we create our own?  They have a "ton" of data (like us)....local assessments, student participation in extra curricular

Looked at ST IQ

Need to establish processes for who is doing the data input (varies by data type)


Design Tabs: Each tab corresponds to a BOE Goal


Comparison Data-


Extra Curricular





Looked at a variety of products.


NOTE: How do we measure our BOE goals?  Are they specific and measureable? Do we have systems in place?