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Data Dashboards

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Crystal Dashboard Design, Xcelsius 2008: http://www.sap.com/solutions/sap-crystal-solutions/dashboards-visualization/sapcrystaldashboard-starter/index.epx

Whatis a dashboard?

Why a dashboard?

  • Visual.  Update db quarterly and look at it at that time.

What is measured?  Need to be measurable (BOE goals---need to be manageable)

  • Participation of students in extracular and service activities
  • All students will have literacy skills on or above grade level
    • 90% proficiency and 40% mastery on all assessments
    • Grad rate:-98% graduation rate for every cohort
  • All students will develop dream plans and make progress toward reaching their dreams


Note, have had these goals for several years but haven't actually measured them.  Now w/a dashboard, they have the metrics to measure.


What is the dashboard?

  • Summaries backed up by student names and data
  • updated quarterly
  • Used to watch progress throughout the year (not an autopsy, proactive)
  • Leads to more questions about student performance


Not live data. Can't connect to SIS.  Not really a teacher tool (yet), primarily admins and teacher leaders.


What data?  Started w/making the data really graphical.

  • K-2 used DRAs
  • 3-8 ELA/Math: compared against target schools
  • three year grad rate 
  • Regents performance (90%-40%)


Next Steps: Considered: Where the data is coming from?  (they use Schooltool).  How easy to use?  Cost? How could we create our own?  They have a "ton" of data (like us)....local assessments, student participation in extra curricular

Looked at ST IQ

Need to establish processes for who is doing the data input (varies by data type)


Design Tabs: Each tab corresponds to a BOE Goal

  • District page: summary of 2010
  • Regents scores: proficient and mastery
  • Percent of students reading on/above grade level--tracking students, not grade levels so they organize "by the class of..."
  • Visual/by grade of where they are proficient and mastery


Comparison Data-

  • Regents: Only comparing to themselves over time
  • 3-8 Assessment-can embed comparisons to target schools  (always looking at proficiency and mastery levels)


Extra Curricular

  • track participation and/or suveying/counts
  • Enables them to see all the students who are not involved with anything


  • Created trajectories for growth to proficiency (all students will reach 90% mastery)
  • Tracking students on DRAs--% of students reading on/above grade level (beginning, middle, end of year) 
  • f & P-translate letter to grade level
  • Use a scattergram -- used Inspire data  http://www.inspiration.com/InspireData
  • MS/HS-what data do we track to make sure students are on trajectory--quarterly summary of grades -- tracking grades across quarters




  • Teacher analysis
  • Subject analysis
  • Teacher Comparison
  • Teacher Historical
  • Budget

Looked at a variety of products.


NOTE: How do we measure our BOE goals?  Are they specific and measureable? Do we have systems in place?

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