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Pete Hall

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Pete Hall

April 7, 2011

Forging a Success School: 12 Conditions of Effective Schools




If you can define it, you can achieve it.


  1. Strong leadership: High expectations and high support
    1. What does success look like?
    2. What do we need to accomplish it?
    3. Principal cultivates vision
    4. Shared leadership through specialists, experts, teachers.  Craft mission together. 
  2. Hedgehog/Simplexity
    1. What is our vision?
    2. What is our current reality
      What are our goals and plans?
    3. Simplexity=we're going to focus on the actions that will actually work (feasibility vs perceived impact)
    4. See belief systems analysis from handouts.  Everyone completes individually and then you compile w/respect to the staff. How do you use this to drive your bldg goals.  What do people feel is the most important?
  3. Investment in human capital
    1. Look at buckingham model-what do people think about their schools?
  4. Sense of professional collaboration
  5. emphasis on goals/data/results
  6. Agreed-upon definitions of best practices
    1. Look at blue ribbon practices in packet
    2. define teaching actions
    3. trained in-house
    4. set expectation 
    5. Use for "evaluation"-can we all agree on what good teaching looks like and what will be looked for (use walk-throughs and Rounds: teaching
      1. Richard Elmore (Harvard): Everything should strengthen and support the Instructional Core
  7. Actice Monitoring
    1. Using walkthroughs
  8. Ongoing PD - building teachers' capacity
    1. instructional coaches
    2. teacher leaders in writing, presenting, leading
    3. grade level reps = point people
    4. schoolbased staff developers 
  9. Streamlined curriculum     
    1. based on standards
  10. Safe, orderly environment
    1. class management
    2. high standards
    3. SBTIS
    4. Lightning Club (see handout)  Tier III intervention
  11. Immediate, Intentional Interventions
  12. Community Involvement
    1. Educational Triangle Contract (Handout---for Title I)
    2. Weekly principal coffee talk
    3. Monthly parent nights--goal: 100%
    4. Multiple business partners 

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