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Standards Based Grading - Kopp

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Standards Based Grading  Keynote - Scriffiny.pdf


Secondary math teacher.  School = 1,350 students. 


Changed my grading practices out of sheer desperation.  She was getting buried under paperwork.  She had many boys who became disconnected and overachieving students (girls) who were terrible test takers who would end up in tears.  They worked hard, got extra credit and get a grade that was not illustrative of what was learned.  Underachievers ended up having to repeat the class.


The criteria for Scriffiny's ideal grading system is:Efficient for teacher and student

  • Understandable to all stakeholders
  • Focused on learning objectives
  • Supports best practices of instruction
  • Permanent grade record reflects actual student learning
  • Promotes desired student behaviors, such as responsibility and initiative


What stays the same?

  • instructional strategies
  • curriculum
  • daily routine
  • types of assessments used


What changes?

  • time needed to explain how grading works - you will have to let content go.  You need to be able to explain to students why you are doing this.  Being behind what you are doing is important if you are going to get student buy-in
  • curriculum - course needs to be mapped out
  • using data to plan lessons
  • parent interaction changes
  • students interaction changes
  • front loading
  • number of grades decreases
  • holistic scoring


Share beliefs about learning with parents and students:

  • Not all kids learn at the same rate.
  • Not all kids should be assessed on the same day.


Student reactions:

  • kids who play school will hate you
  • poor academic backgrounds will not have confidence
  • kids will wonder if they can trust you to do what you say you will to.  Kids have to trust you so you have to ensure them you will not screw them over.


Parent reactions:

  • questions about how to interpret reports
  • they want to know how to monitor their child's work and help out
  • poor test takers will worry about lack of points for effort
  • concerned if the child's grade is much different than usual


Start by training kids with four point rubrics.  The rubric in the PP was used to score every problem.


Need to allow early adopters to take off with this


On the paper record keeping you need to identify the core plus, core and secondary to delineate the differences in the importance of the learning target.


Uses progress grading scale up until the midterm.  Uses a pass grade until the students have proficient on all of the indicators.  To get here you get a new sample of evidence to get all up to proficient.


Need to ask what is the 1-8 you give to kids in your gradebooks? for the progress level on the slide on page 25



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