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Session 12

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Rubrics session


How do we ensure we have quality rubrics and how do we include students in that process?

Recommonded book: Creating and Recognizing Quality Rubrics (ETS)


A lot of teacher are using checklists and calling them rubrics.

If it's there or not, it's a checklist.

It there are degrees of quality, it's a rubric.


Will distinguish between shallow thinking and more complex thinkging


Technically sound rubrics are:


  • movement between levels are smooth (non-example: Excellent, Good, Poor - need a fair as level 2


  • language within the rubric - as you move from one level to the next, the only thing that should change is the language that describes the quality of the work
  • need to clear in the language 
  • rubric 2 is NYS (My jaw dropped - the rubric is horrible, terrible, very bad no good)

Highly descriptive

  • some, few and many are not highly descriptive


  • the rubric fits together as tool, allowing the reader to understand what they're looking at


  • How consistent is the information we're getting from this tool?
  • Inter-rater (between two or more raters) and intra-rater (repeated use by one rater) reliability 


  • How accurate are the decisions we make as a result of using information from this tool?
  • I.e. knowledge of Social Studies content isn't blurred by evaluating spelling errors
  • Learning targets


Rubrics are ordinal scale -  they are not really the numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4

  • consider that a level 4 isn't twice as good as level 2
  • in a race, there is not 1st 1/2 place or 3 1/2 place between 3 and 4 


Rubric activity:

Build a rubric to evaluate a performance task, bigger than the classroom, might use it to evaluate teachers.

"What makes for a high quality presentation?"  








Want to know more about rubrics? http://qualityrubrics.pbworks.com/


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